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Gran Fondo Giordana is an event


Presented the international race famous for climbs of Passo Gavia and Mortirolo. Town of Aprica, Province of Sondrio with the other institutions supporting GS Alpi. Three spectacular paths of 85, 155 and 175 km, gradient up to 18% . To date, over 2700 participants, 561 foreigners from 24 countries. The start Sunday, June 26th 

When there is little more than a week to start, GS Alpi wanted to present to the media the 7 edition of Granfondo Internazionale Giordana, the one that until 2010 was called GF Marco Pantani. 
June 26th Vittorio Mevio, president of GS Alpi, plans to bring in Aprica at least 3,000 passionately fond cyclism that may choose one of the three path, with the fixed points of the two crossing points that have made cycling history, Passo Gavia and Passo Mortirolo, to which is added Santa Cristina for the long path
Absent the Mayor of Aprica Carla Cioccarelli, engaged in an important meeting, was the ssessore allo Sport e al Turismo Giancarlo Stampa to bring the greetings of Aprica, which opened its doors willingly to cyclists, but to believe and support GF Giordana there are also the region of Lombardia – in Sondrio took place the press conference - and the Province, represented by Vice President Pierpaolo Corradini who ensured even greater support for the future, confirming that the 26th he will be between the participants to the long path.

Both Stampa and Corradini are sure of the goodness of the initiative, which goes to marry the choice of supporting the sport as a showcase to promote tourism.
There was also Alessia Piccolo, general manager of Giordana which has reiterated that ithis is the first time that the society leader in technic clothing for cycling, “gives” its name to an external organization. This is a demonstration that the International GF Giordana is an “event” and not just a Granfondo. Vittorio Mevio underlined this, “Thanks to our volunteers and to institutions for their support , but also to the sponsors - said Mevio - we managed to build a real event. In Italy there are about 400 granfondo, but only six or seven events
Then the organizers gave the license plate number 1 to Alessia Piccolo who will be regularly at the start of the race. 
Everything is studied in every detail and a lot of kilometres (110)are completely closed to traffic, others will be closed to the passage of the race or an appropriate period. 

The international Aprica is running strong even with the numbers. “We feared - added Mevio - that the change of the name from GF Marco Pantani to GF Giordana could be penalized. Instead we are now with more than 2700 participants, with 561 foreigners representing 24 countries, with a sustained increase of the Spanish and British competitors. “ 

The race will start Sunday, June 26th at 7:30am. The paths will be three: granfondo of 175Km,
with 4500 meters of difference in level, which includes the climb of Passo Gavia, Mortirolo and Santa Cristina, with gradient up to 18%; mediofondo of 155 km and 3600 metres of difference   in level with Gavia and Mortirolo. Moreover there is the path “corto” of 85 km and 1850 metres of difference in level with Mortirolo.
The start of the International GF Giordana, to celebrate 150 years of the unification of Italy, will be accompanied by the launch of tricolour confetti from the start of the first until the last competitor.
To GF Giordana are confirmed, among others, the presence of team Maggi with Cappè, Beconcini and Cavalli, of Antonio Corradini, of Dainius Kairelis and more of Casartelli, Corsello, Pareschi, Centenaro and the protagonists of Coppa Lombardia of with the event is part

There is still time for entries until June 18th, but there will be also the possibility of booking a place on the grid also directly on site on Friday 24th (from 3pm to 7pm), Saturday 25th ( 9am / 12am and 2.30pm / 7.30pm) and Sunday 26th (from 5am to 6.30am) with a surcharge of 5.00 euros.